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I wish I had been a better neighbour

I used to live in an apartment building and two storeys above me on the third floor lived a woman with her 5 year old daughter, Lucia. She used to wave at me sometimes while I was in the building's courtyard. After a few months the woman's husband returned from jail and it was obvious he had a drug problem. This caused problems in the building as they were noisy and made a mess. After a verbal altercation...

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Never judge a book by its cover

My great school friend from the UK, Beets visited me in New Zealand a few years ago. I wanted to show him around so we decided to kayak and tramp the Able Tasman National Park with two mutual friends from Queenstown, Katie and Carmel. After 3 days of paddling, tramping and camping we were a little worse for wear but heard of a nearby hut nestled in a little bay where we could...

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Understanding the law of attraction

Entirely separately, through our own endeavours, we both stumbled across the law of attraction, the power of the universe and the power of positive energies. At a low ebb for both of us, it brought us a sense of meaningfulness and enlightenment, especially when everything else seemed to be going pear-shaped. We are huge believers in gratitude and putting out positive energy, in order to receive it back....


The point of music lessons

I've been teaching piano to children since I left high school 24 years ago. I always thought that each child should do heaps of practise every day to improve very quickly - almost expecting every student to become a concert pianist! It seems that all this while I was missing the point. Having my own children it has been a real experience to find out that perhaps some people would like to play music for fun...


Overcoming my fear of retirement

I used to be a journalist and PR consultant in Canberra. I worked hard in the business and there was a lot of pressure: work pressure and financial pressure. I kept fearing retirement, wasn’t sure what I would do, how I would cope. In the years leading up to it I had some depression too, because I felt like I was on the scrap heap. When I finally bit the bullet and made the decision to retire I felt like I was 16 again. I had freedom, I had no responsibilities, and I wasn’t answerable...


A small act of kindness

On a dreary, rainy, winter's day I was standing at the bus stop huddling under my umbrella. A man was in front of me in the line, getting wet. So I stepped closer to him and moved my umbrella over his head. He didn’t say a word but as he turned around there was a look of such gratitude in his eyes that it just made my day. It was a fleeting moment more than forty years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday and it still makes me feel good. Emilia, Slovakia


Taking control of my power

A breakthrough in my life has been dealing with people that are personally critical. For most of my life there has been the odd person that has had the power to criticise me to the point of causing me significant distress. That is, the type of person that can crumple you in a word, even when you know how they operate (such as a person who is cleverly abusive to get their own way). Each time they...

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That time I found yoga

On this particular day I gave in to my stubbornness and rolled out my mat- I was apprehensive about doing something I had been avoiding for years. I must admit though, Yoga had been a practice I was curious about, but Pilates was where my heart had always lain. As the class began with meditation, I found it difficult to keep my eyes closed and to resist the urge to look around the room. I fidgeted...

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Coming out

When I was ten years old I ran into my mum’s bedroom, threw myself on the bed, and in between sobs I told her that I “liked” the girl next door. I was told it was normal to admire and look up to older girls because they represent what we want to be. I dried my tears and forgot all about it…until I started high school and puberty hit. I then found myself in an all-girl school, where everyone was swooning over...