2015:11 Luay LightmakersI had always believed everyone is responsible for his or her own financial situation. If you don’t make money then it’s your fault, you have no one else to blame. And this belief of mine made me feel better for not helping my own parents financially. I thought, “it’s not my problem that they don’t make any money and live a poor life”.  After all, I had to look after myself. I had just moved out of my parents’ house to start a well-paying job designing log homes and I desperately needed that money because I was starting a new life in a different city, I didn’t know anyone and I had bills to pay.

But then something happened that destroyed this belief of mine. I was supposed to have completed my master’s degree last year but I couldn’t finish the thesis on time which meant that I was going to be charged a significant fee (equal to half a salary) to submit the thesis in the next session in February. At the time I didn’t want to think about it and chose to ignore it until payment was due in the new academic year.

So two days ago the faculty secretary called – it’s pay time! The money required to pay the faculty was all the money I had. So with the slight hope of forgiveness from the dean, I got on a train and travelled back to the city.  To my surprise, when I met the faculty coordinator he told me he had registered me as if I had already passed so I wouldn’t have to pay any fees!

This taught me a lesson that doing good deeds actually has nothing to do with the person receiving it. I mean, whenever I choose to do a good deed I shouldn’t think about whether the recipient deserves it or not, I should do it for me because I will inevitably be in a situation where I will stand before someone’s mercy, and that is when I have to believe in people’s good will, because I myself am a helpful human being.

Luay, Romania