Joel LevinIn 1992 I woke up in a hospital bed with burns to 90% of my body. A boating explosion left me and my friends badly injured. But this near death experience was not the event that would ultimately transform my life.

For as long as I could remember I had wondered if there was something more, something else, something better. I have studied lots of different Natural Therapies and other modalities, yet in the first photo on the left you can see I had all the ‘theory’ and a number of years to apply it, but I don’t look too happy.

All these modalities helped make life ‘better’ but life did not feel any more ‘true’. It turns out what I needed was not a near death experience but a NEAR LIFE one instead, which I got when I went to hear Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine, speak. It was his words that changed everything for…..“Everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”.  This was not an epiphany but a gradual realisation. If everything is energy, then everything must have an energetic origin and the result can be seen in life experiences.

I began to practise his gentle breath meditation and something simple and profound happened. I began to slowly connect with myself, to connect with the stillness within me. As soon as I stopped trying to ‘get there’, I started to connect to what was already there, and the stillness grew. The choice now for me in life was to decide if I distract from or maintain this stillness? So gradually over time, my diet, my sleeping patterns, how I react to live has changed. Ten years later and the picture on the right is very different and the feeling on the inside is spectacular.

Through this I realised that although we have a responsibility to work hard, pay taxes, raise the kids, we also have a responsibility to create love and joy in our lives and we can make the choice with every action we do to confirm this connection or dull it.

This might not be the magic bullet you were expecting but that is the point. There is no magic bullet. So what was my near life experience? Deep Honesty.

Joel, Australia

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