In 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and by 2009, I had completely lost the ability to walk, wash and feed myself. 

My world was turned upside down. It was in this time of true loss, I had a miraculous awakening.

After treatment in hospital I was transferred into rehabilitation at Epworth Richmond in Melbourne, where the real work began. I stayed there for 2 months, in which time 

I hit rock bottom; I had to ask myself “Am I ever going to walk again”? I was stretched to my limits emotionally and physically, beyond normal comprehension and everything stopped.

I was lucky to receive Kinesiology every few days, while the fantastic Neuro- Physiotherapists worked hard teaching my body how to walk again. With a 50/50 chance of walking again, I ran in 6 weeks.

I returned home, and as I began to research why I got so sick. I came across the Paleo Diet and learned about the benefits of eliminating inflammation from my body, in an attempt to unravel the complexities of Autoimmune Disease.

I adopted this way of living…and my world changed. Prior to this I had to lay down half of the day, every day, recovering from the paralysis and experiencing MS symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, balance issues, pins and needles and intermittent weakness in my limbs.

With my new diet, the brain fog started to subside, which in turn made me happier and more motivated to keep exercising and eating well.

 I learned all about the mitochondria, and their deficiency in autoimmune disease.

I now knew that I needed to nourish my body on a cellular level to achieve better results.
This inspired me to further refine tune my nutrition requirements.

 I went back to school and studied a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology (Sports Science / Kinesiology), focusing on anatomy, physiology, motor learning, exercise, nutrition and Tradition Chinese Medicine techniques of Kinesiology.

Through taking a balanced approach to my health; addressing my nutrition and utilising all that Western Medicine has to offer whilst combining this with Complimentary Medicine, my results have been profound.

I have since made a full recovery and have managed to reverse many of my symptoms too. This is my seventh year of no new lesions, no disease activity or progression. In fact I feel more fit and healthier now, than before I was diagnosed at 24 years old.

I have now dedicated my life helping others rebuild their lives, at my Sports Kinesiology Private Practice in Prahran, Melbourne called ‘Bend Like Bamboo’. 
My team and I coach and educate our clients about nutrition, address gut health, toxicity and deal with the emotional links to disease and physical symptoms.

It is amazing to think my road to wellness actually began when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It has made me realise that we…“Lose what needs to be lost, to find what needs to be found.”

Amanda, Australia