2016:01 JosieA few years ago my eldest daughter started attending a prestigious primary school. I remember the first day of class driving through the school gates feeling completely overwhelmed at the mass of luxury SUVs in the parking lot and the throng of beautifully attired women milling about the school grounds, looking as though they had stepped out of a style magazine.

I immediately felt out of place amongst these superior creatures, I was conscious of my little purple Corolla and my casual outfit and wondered what I had done by enrolling my child here. Would she end up looking like one of ‘them’?

Over time though, as I began to make friends and get to know these people, I realised they were nice, warm, welcoming and kind. They had their own insecurities and worries and the same normal life issues; finances; relationships; work, as I.

It made me aware that all along it was not them, it was me. I had been fearful of their judgment of me, yet it was I who was judging them based on my own insecurities. I have learned a valuable lesson that if am truly to not judge people, then this must be for all people; including those who I perceive to be above me in status, wealth, looks or anything else my ego deems to be important.

Josie, Australia