image1I was coming out of an acrimonious divorce that lasted two long years and I was emotionally and psychologically destroyed. All I wanted was to take time off to gather myself together again and think about my future …

At such pivotal times of our lives sometimes remarkable opportunities show up and it is up to us to take them. I heard from a friend of mine of an Australian taking people to Antarctica and thought I would go to the event and check him out. I did and before I knew it, I had decided to join an expedition to Antarctica to face my fears and limiting beliefs. I made this decision so quickly that it took me months to realize completely what I had done!

During my time in Antarctica I did different activities and each of them made me become more aware of myself. The scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula was amazing: the mountains fell abruptly into the sea with their tops covered in century old ice, so thick that the white fades into light blue, ice blue. Seals were lying at rest on the ice floating on the sea, whales were swimming alongside the ship, I was taken aback by their sheer grace and beauty.

When I was ice climbing my stamina and resilience increased amazingly and took me higher and higher and I was suddenly becoming aware of the infinite possibilities awaiting me. I realised that success is the result of determination, perseverance, curiosity, passion and the ability to hold on to a vision. When I went night camping on the ice I entered a completely different reality that I never thought could exist and I was part of its magic.

I realised that the ultimate quest of adventurers is stretching one’s limits and discovering one’s inner guide and wisdom.  I shared my inner most thoughts, fears and events that happened to me during that expedition in a book: ‘Antarctic Odyssey, a New Beginning’.

My life has completely changed direction now, I am a writer, speaker and a women’s coach. Through my Antarctic experience and my subsequent book, I hope to empower other women to dare to think and do the ‘impossible’, to show themselves that they too can do it!  All we have to do is be open to the possibility of Life.

Gabriella, United Kingdom