2015:10 Ivan LightmakersI live in Mexico City where the traffic is really bad during rush hour. Occasionally, someone tries to aggressively pass all the other traffic using every tiny space possible, swerving like crazy from lane to lane, and sometimes this annoys another driver who, in a subtle way, blocks the crazy driver from passing.

A few months ago while I was at work, I received a phone call from my wife, crying. She tells me she has been shot in the head (yes, you read it right) and asks me what she should do. I froze for a couple of seconds and then instructed her to cover her wound and go to the nearest hospital. I grabbed my car keys and rushed to the hospital,  estimating my driving time to be about 45 minutes because of the heavy traffic. As you may imagine I was driving like crazy, swerving from lane to lane and at the freeway exit there was a very long line slowly exiting. I went all the way to the front of the line and while signalling I asked a young lady to let me get in the line to exit. She agreed!

The likelihood of my wife dying was very high and I just wanted the chance to hold her hand in her last minutes and tell her that everything was going to be alright, even if it wasn’t. I checked my clock and realized I made it to the hospital in 15 minutes! How come? Answer: No driver blocked my way when I was driving like crazy, they even moved away (maybe in fear) and the young lady at the exit saved me more precious minutes. The lesson I learned that day that will cherish for the rest of my life is: NEVER JUDGE THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS.

Now, when  I see someone driving like crazy I move aside because maybe they have a legitimate reason to get ASAP to their destination; maybe not, but what if they do? Will you take those precious minutes away from them? When the waiter at the restaurant has a frown on her face maybe it’s because her son is sick and she’s worried. If the taxi driver is an a**hole just think what would be like driving all day!  Just look at the immigrant problem in Europe, do you have any idea what they have to endure? Even so, some people are hostile to them. Just think about it for a moment. I believe the world would be better if we just followed the principle to never judge without information.

By the way, my wife made a full recovery and that is another story…

Ivan, Mexico