About Lightmakers

Lightmakers recognises we all encounter challenges at different times in our lives; it is an inevitable part of life's journey. Although these challenges are often difficult, they also provide an opportunity for some of life's greatest learning and in the long term, can be a source of great strength, courage and wisdom. Through sharing our stories, of challenge to wisdom, we illuminate the path for others, allowing us to come together to connect, heal and empower each other.

Why Share Stories

Sharing stories is an age old tool that;
  • increases our understanding and respect for each other
  • illustrates we all encounter challenging times in life
  • highlights that great learning occurs through these experiences
  • teaches us to look for the positive outcome in what looks like a negative situation
  • helps remove the feeling of isolation and stigma through realising we are not alone
  • provides support and inspiration for others facing similar experiences.

Our Story

Hi, we are Milly and Ellen, friends from the Gold Coast, Australia and we have created Lightmakers; a collective space where people speak from their hearts and learn from each others’ wisdom.

After 20 years working in private and corporate fields, we were both ready for a change and had a strong desire to make a more meaningful contribution to society.

Reflecting on the ups and downs of our lives and that of friends and family, we were aware of how common challenges such as divorce, addiction, domestic violence and mental illness are, yet surprised by the isolation and stigma they still cause. In a bid to counter this, we developed Lightmakers.

Through sharing stories on Lightmakers, we believe we can heal ourselves and help others; not only by accepting and moving on from personal challenges, but also by sharing the wisdom gained from overcoming these experiences.

We believe we all have a story and every story shared helps grow the light.

Thanks for joining us.

Milly and Ellen