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Coming out of the fog

I have been living in a coma. Not the clinical type, but a heavy emotional miasma. Over the past few years, messages have been pouring through from partners, friends and family. However, I wasn’t registering them. They weren’t cohesive enough for me. Like the character in the TV series "Life On Mars", the messages were a series of static jumble that I was unable to decode. It is only after a complete psychological, physical and emotional collapse that I now have more clarity.

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Thank you dear ex-husband, you were my biggest teacher

Two years ago today my world fell apart. What I had thought was real, turned out to be a sham and I lost all perspective of what the truth even was anymore. It was on this day my husband had come home and confessed his office affair. That was the beginning of five months of anxiety, confusion, anger and despair. As the days and weeks unfolded more of the truth came to light.

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How I’m Overcoming My Anxiety this Holiday Season

Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with for most of my life, in the diagnosed form. But I struggled with panic attacks from a very young age. I remember being anxious at a mere five years old that someday I might not have my favorite toy. Imagine, anxiety over a toy? Here I am, years later, and I don’t have that silly old toy, and somehow I miraculously survived it. One of the most...


From childlessness to visions of a bigger picture

In 2012 my husband and I agreed it was time to start a family. I was excited. Over the course of a year, I downed hundreds of pre-natal supplements, put myself on a cardio regime, had acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbs and homeopathy. I started Yoga for Fertility classes and hypnosis sessions. Eighteen months in we visited the IVF clinic to ensure nothing was fundamentally...

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Breaking the cycle of abuse

From the age of 6 to 12.5, I was sexually abused by both my grandfathers, not at the same time but I moved from one grandfather to the next. When I finally disclosed the abuse and it came out in the open, I received absolutely no support from my parents. No one in my family believed me and I was literally left to deal with everything on my own. I was emotionally abandoned and ostracised. It wasn’t until I was...

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No arms, no legs and nothing to stop me

I went overseas some 14 years ago and contracted a really strange infection, and as a result, I’m now a quadriplegic. I also have massive respiratory issues, a feeding tube in my stomach, and I can barely talk or even leave the house. I’m 37 now and I live in disability supported accommodation in Melbourne, Australia. But I’ve still tried to make the most of it. So apart from the continual testing...

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Finding my soul calling; spiritual healing

As a young girl my one dream was to marry and have children. One day in a doctor’s office, when I was 15 years of age, I was given the blunt news that if I didn’t stop the destructive dietary path I was on, I would probably never be able to conceive. This was the magic pill I needed to end a year of living with anorexia nervosa. Eating was the only thing I had complete control of, and the more others noticed, the better I...

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The discovery that helped me overcome anxiety

People see me as a confident person, but I haven't always been that way. Anxiety used to have a tight grip on me; my inner monologue tossed around self-deprecating thoughts to the point where I was afraid to speak to people for fear I would say something stupid. I felt like I had failed in life and had no purpose. One would think completing two university degrees would have the opposite effect, but actually...


I was awakened through my deepest grief

Five years after the sudden and tragic passing of one of my amazing sons, I can honestly say that my feelings about Dan’s passing are those of love and gratitude. I know this statement may shock a few people, especially coming from a mother. It is through this event however, that I am now living my life, consciously, more aware, healthier, making a difference and loving the person who smiles back at me each morning as I look in the mirror...